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Pre-Nursing Core Requirements

Below are details about the content we look for when assessing courses to meet the Pre-nursing Core.

Pre-Nursing Core
Requirement Content Details
Oral Communication Must contain evidence student orally presented  material and was assessed on oral presentation skills. Best attempt taken
Written Communication Must show evidence student received explicit instruction and practice in college level writing Best attempt taken
Critical Thinking  Must show explicit instruction and practice in inductive and deductive reasoning and identification of formal and informal fallacies of language and thought. Best attempt taken
Statistics  Must show evidence of inferential statistics as well as ANOVA, Correlation, Hypothesis testing, etc. Best attempt taken
Anatomy with lab  Course that provides a basic understanding of the structure if the human body Best attempt taken
Physiology with lab  Course that covers and deals with physiology of muscle, nerve, circulation, respiration etc. Best attempt taken
Microbiology with lab  Basic concepts of microbiology, including classification, metabolic activity and the effect of physical and chemical agents on microbial populations Best attempt taken
Chemistry with lab  Covers basic principles in the area of chemistry. May include general, inorganic, organic or integrated chemistry with lab Best attempt taken


  • Statistics: We require a College level Statistics for the BSN degree. The course must include a prerequisite of intermediate algebra in the course description to be approved for articulation.

  • Anatomy and physiology: These are taught at CSUSM in a combined sequence. We will accept approved anatomy and physiology courses and labs taught as separate semester-long courses. Courses taken in these different sequences cannot be combined.

  • Chemistry: The pre-nursing core requires a single chemistry course (and associated lab) or approved equivalents. An integrated chemistry course is recommended. 

  • Minimum Grade: All pre-nursing core courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C or better. We do not accept a grade of C- or below for any separately listed courses to be utilized for meeting the pre-nursing core.

  • Online Courses: CSUSM will accept online courses (for all requirements) from Regionally Accredited Institutions.