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Blockchain technology was widely introduced through cryptocurrencies and today a growing number of companies are embracing the technology’s applications in fields such as financial services, healthcare and insurance. As more industries outside of the tech sphere recognize the potential of this revolutionary technology, blockchain engineers are increasingly in demand to lead the way. Begin building your career in this emerging field with this fully online course that features a blend of real-time online instruction and interactive lesson modules.


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    Blockchain Fundamentals I

    Course Description
    This foundation course is designed to impart a layered understanding of the history of blockchain technologies. A fabric of the first cryptographically secured chain of blocks in 1991 will be interwoven with present day applications of this technology where this innovative concept now sees 8% of CIOs introducing activate experimentation into the companies they lead. Lessons will show how the decentralized, distributed, and largely public ledger offers security and transparency highly sought after in the financial marketplace, among others, where integrity is of the utmost importance.

    Course Goals
    The primary objective of this course is to provide a working knowledge of the history of the blockchain since the core concepts were devised and all came together with the birth of cryptocurrencies. While cryptocurrencies are the largest presently implemented applicability use case for blockchain, many industries have found ways to incorporate a decentralized ledger into their business operations. As more industries outside of the technology sphere recognize the potential, so too will adoption levels spike as businesses that got into computing reluctantly will so too enter blockchain reluctantly, but, once in, will be able to clearly see the enormously superior attributes that make the technology truly revolutionary.

    Upon course completion, students will be able to answer the following learning outcomes:

    • What are blockchain technologies?
    • Who coined the term blockchain and what applicability did it have at various stages of adoption in 1991, 2009, and today?
    • What is decentralization and why is it important in the storage of files and ledger entries to the integrity of a network?
    • What is a blockchain ledger?
    • Why does the use of trustless technology benefit the ecosystem that it’s deployed in?
    • How does the original cryptocurrency, bitcoin, incentivize users to ensure the integrity of the decentralized ledger and protect against double-spending.
    • What is a blockchain engineer?
    • How do cryptocurrencies make use of blockchain technology?
    • What is a SaaS and how do major corporations like IBM and Microsoft use blockchain technology?
    • What is an “oracle” and how is the use of one integral to the functioning of a smart contract?
    • Who are the people who are starting blockchain projects and what computer languages do they employ?
    • How does the blockchain revolution differ from the personal computing or internet revolutions?

    Robert Mowry

    Robert Mowry is a Blockchain Engineer and Front-End Developer passionate about disruptive consumer-facing technologies. He has been coding in San Diego for 15 years across a wide span of specializations before honing his focus on blockchain in 2014. He enjoys meeting fellow technologists here in the region and at industry conferences such as LA Blockchain Week. 

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    Who should take this course?

    Blockchain Fundamentals I is aimed at students who are looking to round out their computer science or technology-focused education with a foundation in blockchain tech. This nascent technology has been embraced by many of the world's largest companies seeking to keep pace with the fast-moving technology landscape. Blockchain engineers, those well-versed in blockchain fundamentals, have found themselves increasingly in important roles at stable companies operating as leaders in these emerging technologies. By positioning themselves intelligently ahead of the curve, these professionals, and students alike, can benefit from the wave of demand for tomorrow's skills by building a valuable and marketable foundation today. 

Gain hands-on experience

Benefit from comprehensive walk-throughs of multi-step processes to keep you on track as you experiment with blockchain explorers and Web 3.0 tools

Interactive coursework

Program includes vibrant visuals, videos and demonstrations to help you comprehend difficult concepts

Learn from the best

Program is taught by an instructor who has been teaching the subject, attending conferences, writing code, and actively developing applications in the space for years

Range of topics

Course topics include birth of blockchain, altcoin adoption, securing the blockchain, privacy vs. vulnerability, tokenization and more


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