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Vote By Mail

 Video provided by the Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP).

 Over 200 million Americans can vote early. Only 40% actually do. 

California Mail in Ballots will be mailed to all registered voters starting the week of February 5.

Once you receive yours, cast your ballot, reseal it and send it out! No need to delay. 

Perks to Mail-in-Ballot

  • SIMPLE. A mail-in ballot, instructions and “I Voted” sticker will be mailed to all registered voters starting August 16.
  • SAFER. Make voting decisions and mark your ballot comfortably at home.
  • SECURE. Seal your completed ballot in your postage paid envelope.
    • Be sure to sign it, date it and return it by mail promptly so it is received well before Election Day. Your signature is required for your ballot to count! Sign your name like it appears on your driver’s license or ID card.