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Storm Information

Heavy Rains and Flooding

Winter storms are heading our way bringing with them the potential for significant rain fall. With years of drought, large rain storms can cause flooding and mud slide.

Below are few items to keep in mind as there storms approach.

Flood Watch = “Be Aware.” Conditions are right for flooding to occur in your area.

Flood Warning = "Take Action!"  Flooding is either happening or will happen shortly.

Flash Flood Warning = is issued when a sudden flood is imminent or occurring in the warned area.

Parking Lots – Are sloped for maximum drainage, water can move quickly across them please be careful

Walk Ways & Floors – Can be slippery plan ahead wear proper shoes


  • Slow down, double the distance you leave between your car and the car in front of you, stopping distances are increased by wet roads.
  • Change windshield wipers if worn or damaged.
  • If steering becomes unresponsive due to the rain, ease off the accelerator and slow down gradually.

Drainage Areas and Retention Basin – Could have high water levels, avoid these areas

Flood waters – Flood waters and standing waters pose various risks, including infectious diseases, chemical hazards, and injuries. If you come in contact with flood waters watch hands with soap and disinfected water.

Campus Buildings - If you notice and see any building leaks on campus please notify Facility Services right away (750-750-4600) 

Hillside damage from fires – Be cautious and watchful report any suspicious movement

Turn Around Don’t Drown