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CSUSM Wins a 7TH Straight RecycleMania Title

Grand Champion 2011!

During the 10-week competition, which began January 23 and ended April 2, CSUSM recycled 40 pounds of material per person on campus, and diverted 50 pounds of waste per person. Collectively, RecycleMania's 630 participating campuses recycled or composted an impressive 91 million pounds of material during this year's contest.

According to Carl Hanson, Recycling Coordinator, one of the keys to CSUSM's consecutive success has been the campus-wide effort to recycle paper, which is among the four categories measured by RecycleMania - paper, corrugated cardboard, bottles and cans, and organic food waste. With more than 150 recycling stations located on campus and a recycling bin attached to each office wastebasket, CSUSM continues to make recycling practical and convenient, not just during the 10-week challenge but all year round.

"We're building a framework and culture at CSUSM where recycling is simply second nature," added Hanson. "We want to do all that we can to be environmentally-conscious and continue to raise the bar each year as we encourage other universities to strive to do the same."

Hanson said "from a global impact, these victories are incredibly meaningful."

Floyd Dudley II named Young Energy Professional of the Year!

"Honored for Being Green at CSUSM" - Floyd Dudley II, the Assistant Director of Energy and Utilities was recently awarded the international honor of "Young Energy Professional of the Year" in 2010 by the Association of Energy Engineers for his role in reducing the University's energy consumption.

Sandee Award

Facility Services received the "Achievement in Energy by a Government or Institutional Agency Award" from the California Center for Sustainable Energy at the annual San Diego Excellence in Energy (SANDEE) Awards in 2010.

Sandee Award

CSUSM Wins 6TH Straight RecycleMania Title
Grand Champions of 2010

Facility Services coordinated campus participation in RecycleMania 2010 which resulted in the sixth consecutive title of Grand Champion. The planning, strategic, promoting, measuring, and reporting for this competition was led by Carl Hanson, Recycling Program Coordinator, under the direction of Ed Johnson, Director of the Facility Services department and Gary Cinnamon, Associate Vice President, Facilities Development & Management.


Flex Your Power Award - 2008

California State University San Marcos was selected as one of the 6th Annual Flex Your Power Award winners in the Demand Response category, standing out due to "determined efforts to save energy and decrease carbon emissions in California."  As a winner, CSUSM was highlighted in January 2009 issues of Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, and other publications.