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Software Engineering


Knowledge And Skills Emphasized

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering:

  • Show mastery of software engineering knowledge and skills and the professional standards necessary to begin practice as a software engineer
  • Apply appropriate theories, models, and techniques that provide a basis for problem identification and analysis, software design, development, implementation, verification, validation, security fundamentals, and documentation
  • Work both individually and as part of a team to develop and deliver quality software products
  • Demonstrate and appreciate the importance of negotiation, effective work habits, leadership, and good communication with stakeholders in a typical software development environment
  • Design appropriate solutions in one or more application domains using software engineering approaches that integrate ethical, social, legal, and economic concerns
  • Reconcile conflicting project objectives, finding acceptable compromises within the limitations of cost, time, knowledge, existing systems, and organizations
  • Learn new models, techniques, and technologies as they emerge and appreciate the necessity of such continuing professional development