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Welcome to CSUSM Engineering! The Viasat Engineering Pavilion is home to CSUSM's program in electrical and software engineering. Our engineering program is dedicated to world-class engineering education, equipping students to be tomorrow's technological leaders and contributors to innovation. At CSUSM, our engineering program is designed to promote community building and strengthening our climate and culture of inclusion, equity and diversity.

CSUSM's engineering program emphasizes:

  • Collaborative learning environment with an active community of your peers; in which extends to engineering clubs, professional student organizations, and advancing curriculum study with project-based learning.
  • Professional development workshops to help prepare students in career-readiness. We want students to begin developing as young professional and take the identity as engineers throughout the completion of their degree at CSUSM Engineering Program. The professional development workshops includes resume building, practicing mock interviews, professional networking, and much more!
  • Industry readiness and exposure, our program teaches emerging technologies and training in professional engineering software used in the industry.
  • Serving underserved communities and creating a sense of belonging as an engineering student at CSUSM.

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