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Summer Bridge Experience

We offer a two-day Summer Bridge experience prior to the start of the fall semester. This is a great opportunity to ease your transition from high school or community college to our campus.

As a student participant you will:

  • Build a supportive peer network with other students and mentors
  • Meet key college faculty and staff
  • Learn how we will support you in your journey as an engineering majors (such as free textbook loans and dedicated engineering advisor)
  • Develop awareness of campus resources
  • Understand academic expectations and college culture
  • Improve important college survival skills
  • Develop leadership and collaborative interpersonal skills
  •  Academic and career goal exploration.

This 2-day program will allow you to meet other engineering students. Additionally, those students who participate in the summer program will be invited to participate in a semester-based program to further enhance your academic success in engineering.

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2021 graduates


If you have any questions, please contact Jeffrey Morales, Engineering Pathways Advisor, at