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Grading (CR/NC, WU, I)

Credit/No Credit (CR/NC)

What is my role?

Fall 2020 No action required for faculty or staff; students may petition for a grading basis of CR/NC for Fall 2020 grades through April 9, 2021. This form is available on the CR/NC Grading page of the Registrar site.

Spring 2021/Summer 2021: If a student requests a grading basis of CR/NC for Spring 2021 or Summer 2021, the only grades available in the grade roster for that student will be CR or NC. Please refer to the definition of CR/NC for equating a letter grade to CR/NC.

The deadline for students to request CR/NC grading for regular length semester classes in Spring is May 7, 2021. Please see the FAQ page for additional details and common questions. 

Which classes are approved for CR/NC Grading?

The majority of undergraduate courses are approved for CR/NC grading; however, there are some exceptions when taken to fulfill a major requirement.  Some graduate programs have also approved CR/NC grading. The list of courses approved/not approved by major/program is available on the CR/NC by Major page.

  • Types of courses approved for CR/NC grading basis for all students

    • General Education: All courses taken to fulfill General Education breadth requirements, both lower and upper division, for undergraduate programs (if not also used to fulfill a major requirement)
    • Electives: All courses taken to fulfill units or free electives for undergraduate programs (this does not include major electives)
    • Lower division minor: All lower division courses taken to fulfill minor requirements for undergraduate programs
    • Lower division major courses in all majors except Nursing: All lower division courses taken to fulfill major requirements in undergraduate programs, with the exception of Nursing
    • Upper division major/minor: this varies by major. See CR/NC by Major page for how this applies by major/minor.
    • Graduate courses: this varies by program. See CR/NC by Major page for how this applies to each program.
  • Courses not approved for CR/NC grading basis for any student

    These courses are only taken for major/minor requirements, and CR/NC grading basis is not approved for the applicable majors/minors:

    • ACCT courses 300 level and above
    • BIOL 351 and above
    • BIOT courses 300 level and above
    • BUS courses 300 level and above (exception: BUS 442, BUS 444)
    • EE 280
    • FIN courses 300 level and above
    • GBST 400
    • MIS courses 300 level and above
    • NURS courses (any level)
    • OM courses 300 level and above
    • SLP courses 300 level and above
  • Courses that may not be approved for CR/NC, depending on the student's major/minor

    The following courses are approved for CR/NC if taken as GE or non-major elective requirements. However, they are not approved for CR/NC for the majors listed.

    Because these courses may be taken for non-major requirements, they will be available to request CR/NC grading; however, requests from students in majors for whom these classes are restricted from CR/NC will be denied and students will be notified.


    Major in which CR/NC is not permitted
    BIOL 300-349
    • Biological Sciences or Biotechnology majors (note: these courses are not recommended for Biological Sciences or Biotechnology majors/minors)
    CS 311
    • Biological Sciences or Biotechnology majors
    CHEM 341, 351, 352, 401, 404, 450
    • Biological Sciences or Biotechnology majors
    EDUC 350, 364
    • Liberal Studies, Integrated Teacher Education Prep or Liberal Studies, Elementary Subject Matter option
    • Note: any student, regardless of major, considering the teacher credential program should not take these classes CR/NC, as a grade of CR will not meet the pre-requisite requirement.
    EE 180-1, EE 180-2
    • Electrical Engineering majors
    MATH 362, 374, 441
    • Biological Sciences or Biotechnology majors
    MGMT 302, 452
    • Biotechnology majors
    MKTG 302
    • Biotechnology majors
  • Graduate courses

    Some graduate programs will permit CR/NC grading basis and some will not. Please see the CR/NC by Major page for a list.

Important note on Limits

Campus policy restricts the total number of units taken with a CR/NC grading basis that can be applied to an undergraduate degree. This limit is 15 units. Any courses taken for CR/NC in Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 are excluded from this limit. However, this limit applies to courses taken in Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021. 

Petitions made for CR/NC grading basis that will result in exceeding the 15 unit limit in an undergraduate degree will be denied (Spring 2020/Summer 2020 CR/NC units excluded).

Unauthorized Withdrawals (WU)

There are multiple grade outcomes for students who stop attending classes.

W: This grade is not assigned by faculty; it is assigned as a result of the student withdrawing from a class after add/drop and before census, or following an approved petition of an official withdrawal (see the section on Withdrawals for more information).

WU: This grade is assigned by faculty to indicate that a student stopped attending early in the course, and as a result, the faculty member is not able to adequately assess student performance; it is known as an unauthorized withdrawal. You can find a more detailed description of how/when to use this grade on the Grade Submission page

Incomplete Grades (I)

If a student requests a grade of Incomplete, the decision to create an Incomplete Agreement and assign the ā€˜Iā€™ grade is up to you; please view the instructions on how to create an agreement with a student in PeopleSoft for more details.