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The Language Other Than English Requirement (LOTER) is a University graduation requirement that is specific to CSUSM. Beginning with the Fall 2019 catalog year, it will no longer be a University graduation requirement for an undergraduate degree.

Students graduating prior to Fall 2019 must complete LOTER.

In an effort to help students plan for an optimal schedule, and assist the University in determining how many seats to offer in language courses, LOTER will be waived for students who are expected to be enrolled as undergraduate students in fall 2019 (i.e. students who are eligible to elect fall 2019 university graduation requirements). If you are identified as a student expected to be enrolled in fall 2019, your ARR and Degree Planner will be updated to remove LOTER prior to your spring 2019 enrollment appointment.

Please note: students who expect to be enrolled Fall 2019, but whose LOTER is not waived by the university prior to their Spring 2019 enrollment appointment, will have LOTER waived no later than the start of the Fall 2019 semester, if still enrolled in an undergraduate degree program.

 Please see the FAQ page for more information.