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Topics Courses

  • BA 690-19 - ST: Professional Sales

    Arms working professionals with the latest scientific knowledge and best practices on sales and interpersonal persuasion. Become more effective at convincing, influencing and persuading others through building rapport and credibility, telling great stories, focusing on emotion, and utilizing persuasive heuristics. Increase sales success through effective prospecting, presentations, interviewing, negotiation, and strategic selling.  

    Prerequisite: MBA Core

    3 Units

  • CHEM 390-2 – ST: Chemistry of Wildfires

    Covers the chemistry of wildfires and their impacts including toxicology, chemical effects on the atmosphere, terrestrial and aquatic environments, and occupational hazards of firefighting from a chemical standpoint.

    Prerequisite: FIRE 105

    3 units

  • UNIV 280-4 - ST: Foundations of Self & Learning

    Focuses on personal development and lifelong learning in the second year. Supports the psycho-social development of self and the refining of personal values as related to short-term and long-term life goals.  Aids students in understanding the construction of meaning and learning through a variety of activities that emphasize deep reflection and intercultural development.  

    May not be taken for credit by students who have earned credit for UNIV 180-3.

    Prerequisite: Completion of Area E.

    1 Unit