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Schedule Assistant

The Schedule Assistant

An automated way to build your class schedule around your availability

Undergraduates* registering for classes may utilize the Schedule Assistant by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Open and Run your Degree Planner found on the Student Center page
  • Step 2: Review the classes suggested for the next term, select the classes for the term
  • Step 3: Scroll to top of page and click Enroll from Degree Planner
  • Step 4: Click Schedule Assistant
  • Step 5: Make sure all choices at the top of the page are correct then click Add Courses
  • Step 6: Click the My Planner tab and pull in all courses you selected from your Degree Planner
  • Step 7: Enter breaks you need to schedule classes around (i.e. work, sleep-in, athletic practice, etc.)
  • Step 8: View every possible schedule that might work based on your class selection and breaks
  • Step 9: Import your selected schedule to your shopping cart
  • Step 10: On or after your registration date, finish enrolling in your Student Center

*Currently available only to students seeking a bachelor's degree.