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Grading (CR/NC, WU, I)

Credit/No Credit (CR/NC)

There are no changes to the process for calculating and assigning grades for Spring 2020. 

  • Students will be permitted to request a grade of CR/NC for most classes in Spring 2020, with some exceptions for upper division courses in the major; the list of upper division major (and graduate courses) that will allow CR/NC grading may be found on the Academic Programs site). 
  • When entering grades at the end of the term, a CR/NC option will show up as the choice rather than the letter grade option for students who have opted for this in MyCSUSM.
  • If the CR/NC grading basis is available in the grade roster, it is recommended (though, not required) that a copy of the letter grades be kept, as some students who opted for CR/NC may request the original letter grade later.
  • If a student has requested a CR/NC grade using the online form, the grading basis will not be updated in the grade roster; instead, letter grades should be entered and they will be changed to CR/NC by the Office of the Registrar at the end of the semester to ensure that the original letter grade is captured.

Note: in accordance with the Addendum to the Resolution Calling for Temporary Modification of Academic Policies Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic students are also eligible to request a grading basis of CR/NC for Summer 2020, as well. In addition, courses that ended prior to March 16, 2020 are not eligible to change the grading basis.

Unauthorized Withdrawals (WU)

There are multiple grade outcomes for students who stop attending classes.

W: This grade is not assigned by faculty; it is assigned as a result of the student withdrawing from a class after add/drop and before census, or following an approved petition of an official withdrawal (see section on Course Withdrawals for more information).

WU: This grade is assigned by faculty to indicate that a student stopped attending early in the course, and as a result, the faculty member is not able to adequately assess student performance; it is known as an unauthorized withdrawal.

It is requested that faculty pay careful attention to assignment of WU grades this semester, since these will not be changed to NC (F grades will be automatically changed to NC). 

  • Assign WU grades for students who stopped attending prior to Feb. 17 and update the last date of attendance (i.e. edit the default date).
  • Do not assign WU grades for students who attended Feb 17 and beyond (students should receive letter grade or CR/NC).

Incomplete Grades (I)

The decision to assign an ā€˜Iā€™ grade is up to you; you may access instructions on how to create an agreement with a student in PeopleSoft

Please give strong consideration for students scheduled to graduate in May 2020 >to receive a letter grade or credit, rather than an ā€˜Iā€™ grade.