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Grading (CR/NC, WU, I)

Credit/No Credit (CR/NC)

There are no changes to the process for calculating and assigning grades for Fall 2020. 

  • When entering grades at the end of the term, a CR/NC option will show up as the choice rather than the letter grade option for students who have opted for this in MyCSUSM during add/drop.

Unauthorized Withdrawals (WU)

There are multiple grade outcomes for students who stop attending classes.

W: This grade is not assigned by faculty; it is assigned as a result of the student withdrawing from a class after add/drop and before census, or following an approved petition of an official withdrawal (see section on Course Withdrawals for more information).

WU: This grade is assigned by faculty to indicate that a student stopped attending early in the course, and as a result, the faculty member is not able to adequately assess student performance; it is known as an unauthorized withdrawal.

Incomplete Grades (I)

The decision to assign an ā€˜Iā€™ grade is up to you; you may access instructions on how to create an agreement with a student in PeopleSoft