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Spring 2020 Withdrawals

Withdrawals at CSUSM are granted in cases where students have “serious and compelling reasons” to withdraw from one or more classes.  This policy will not change for the Spring 2020 semester. However, we understand that these are extraordinary circumstances for our academic community, and we will consider a wider range of reasons for students to withdraw from their classes. To sum up the changes this semester:

  • The University will be as flexible and accommodating as possible when considering requests for withdrawal.
  • Approved withdrawals submitted after Feb 17 will not count toward the 18-unit limit on withdrawals. 

How to Petition for a Course Withdrawal in Spring 2020

Before submitting your petition, please visit the Course Withdrawal site for more information on how withdrawal from classes may affect you.  The utmost compassion and leniency will be considered for Spring 2020 Withdrawal petitions.

Below are the 3 components ofthe Withdrawal petition. You will find the form for submitting at the bottom of the page.

Instructor Signature/Consent

Instructor signature or consent is not required to submit a withdrawal request for Spring 2020, but you are required to notify your instructor of your intent to withdrawal. Please attach proof (e.g. screenshot of email communication) with your request.

Statement for Withdrawing

It is important to submit a written response in a paragraph form explaining the serious and compelling reason, as well as a timeline of any events or experience that affected you, for a withdrawal petition.  Your written statement is very important in the event that you are not able to provide supporting documentation with your request.

If citing COVID-19, It will be helpful to know the reason, such as: a) you are sick b) you are taking care of a family member who is sick c) financial implications due to job loss or increase in hours as essential worker d) family responsibilities e) mental health/stress or f) challenges with the virtual learning environment. Please note that withdrawals for COVID-19 will be considered with leniency under the circumstances.

Supplemental Documentation

Petitions for reasons other than COVID-19 should include documentation that provides evidence of the timeline or event that occurred that prevented you from completing coursework. Please note that documentation for COVID-19 related reasons is not required, however it is strongly recommended that you include any form of documentation you may have. Documentation related to COVID-19 could include doctor’s notes, screenshots of virtual appointments, letters from employer or other documentation citing cut or increase in work, explanation of stress and/or mental health impacts, specific difficulties with the virtual learning environment or familial responsibilities cited above in the written statement.

Spring 2020 Withdrawal Petition Form

If you would like to petition for a withdrawal in a term other than Spring 2020, please use the Academic Withdrawal petition. 

Fill out my online form.