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Fall 2021 Courses

Fall 2021 Environmental Studies Course List



1) This course list is provided to assist students in planning their schedule and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Check the class schedule to confirm scheduling.

2) Courses listed as asynchronous or synchronous are online only.

3) If the class is hybrid, the class has a combination of both online and in-person learning experiences; check with the instructor.

4) This course list is up-to-date through April 28, 2021. There may be other courses available.  Check the class schedule for information.

If the program becomes aware of additional courses offerings, they will be added to this list and the date last updated (above) will change.




Course #              Title and Time/Day                                                             Mode

ENVS 100             Intro to Env Studies                                                            Asynchronous

BIOL 105              Introduction to Biology/Ecology (Fulfills B2)                     Synchronous

                             TR 10:30-11:45 AM

GEOG 110            Intro to Physical Geography (2 classes) (Fulfills B1)          Blended

  • M: 2:30-3:45 PM
  • T: 9-10:15 AM

GEOG 110L          Physical Geography Lab (completes B3 lab)                     

                             W 2:30-5:20 PM

GEOG 120            Introduction to GIS (also pick one lab section below)       Hybrid

                             TR 10:30-11:45 AM

GEOG 120L          GIS LAB (2 choices)                                                             Both Synchronous

  • W 2:30-5:20
  • Thursday 5:30-8:20


GES 101               Matter, Molecules, & The Environment (B1)                    See below


Choice of an asynchronous lecture or an in-person MW lecture from 9:30 – 10:20 am with choice of different labs meeting once every three weeks.


If students prefer the asynchronous lecture, they must choose one of the following online synchronous labs:1)GES 101 Section 11A synchronous F 8:30 am-10:20 am ; 2) GES 101 Section 12A synchronous F 10:30 am-12:20 pm ; or 3)  GES 101 Section 13A synchronous R 8:00 am-9:50 am


If students prefer the in-person lecture, they must choose one of the following online labs: 1) GES 101 Section 21A synchronous F 12:30 pm-2:30 pm ; 2) GES 101 Section 22A synchronous R 10:00 am-11:50 am, or GES 101 Section 23A, asynchronous.


GES 105               Introduction to Physical Science                                        Hybrid

                             TR 9-10:15 am

                             Physics portion is asynchronous; Chemistry portion is synchronous


GEOG 210*          Introduction to Oceanography (Fulfills B1)                       Asynchronous

May substitute for GES 101/105; see program director for more information


ES 100                  Earth and Its Place in the Universe                                    Hybrid

                             TR 10:30-11:45 am.

                             Tuesdays are synchronous

                             Thursdays are asynchronous

                             Class meetings on campus on 8/31, 9/14, & 9/21



ENVS 301             Place, Power & The Environment                                      Hybrid

                             Tuesdays 9-10:15 am Synchronous Thursdays Asynchronous

ENVS 310             Environmental Impact Analysis                                         Blended

                             Asynchronous with Synchronous Weds 12:30-2:20PM

CHEM 311            Chemicals & The Environment                                           Hybrid

                             Asynchronous with face to face mid-term on Oct 21st and a face to face final


GEOG 310            Climate and Life in the Anthropocene                               Hybrid

                             Thursdays 1-3:50 PM

PHIL 340              Ethics and the Environment (2 sections)                           Asynchronous

ENVS 490             Capstone in Env. Studies                                                    Synchronous

                             WE 8:30-11:20 AM






AMD 313             Digital Arts and the Environment                                      Blended

Synchronous Thursdays from 5-8:50 pm with in-person meetings on 9/16, 9/23, 10/14, 10/21, 11/4, 11/18, 12/2, 12/9


AMD 316             Art, Science & Technology                                                 Hybrid

Synchronous Wednesdays from 9:30 am – 1:20 pm with in-person meetings on 9/8, 9/15, 10/13, 10/20, 12/1, 12/8


AMD 422             Art & Science                                                                      Synchronous

                             Tuesday 1-3:50 pm

ENVS 495*           Internship in Environmental Studies (*ENVS 100)             On Advisement

ENVS 498*           Independent Study in Env Studies (*ENVS 100)                On Advisement

LTWR 346            U.S. Environmental Literature                                           Asynchronous




ANTH 370            Environment, Population, and Culture                              Blended

                             M 10:30-1:20PM

                             Synchronous plus in-person on 9/6,10/4, 11/8, & 12/6.  

ANTH 379            Environmental Health and Justice                                     In-person

                             TR 9-10:15

ENVS 390-7          Topics in Environmental Studies                                        Hybrid

                             Leisure Recreation & Environment                                   

                             TTR 10:30-11:20 AM

ENVS 495*           Internship in Environmental Studies (*ENVS 100)             On Advisement

ENVS 498*           Independent Study in Env Studies (*ENVS 100)                On Advisement

GEOG 341            Nature and Society in California (3 classes)                       Hybrid or Sync

  • Hybrid: Thursdays 2:30-3:45 pm
  • Synchronous: Mondays 10:30 AM -1:20 PM
  • Synchronous: Wednesdays 2:30-5:20 PM

GEOG 350*          Environmental Geography                                                 Hybrid

                             Thursdays 9-10:15 am in person and Asynchronous

GEOG 460            Food Systems and Emerging Markets                                Hybrid

                             Fridays 8:30-11:30 AM

LBST 307              Children and the Environment                                           Asynchronous

PSCI 321               Making Public Policy                                                          Asynchronous

PSCI 479*             Political Theory and the Environment                               Asynchronous



ASTR 342             Elements of Astronomy                                                    Asynchronous

BIOL 309*            Biology of Emerging Diseases                                            Asynchronous

BIOL 338              Human Impact on the Environment                                  Asynchronous

BIOL 339              Conservation Biology                                                         Asynchronous


* See program director