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EOP Summer Bridge

The mission of EOP Summer Bridge is to create a community of learners by introducing first-year students to the personal and academic demands of college and topics of advocacy for them to successfully matriculate to their first year of college.   

Summer Bridge is a mandatory program for all incoming First-Year Freshmen, in order to complete their admission into EOP. 

Summer Bridge program goals are to: 

  • Expose students to the academic resources and tools needed for their first semester of college.
  • Expose students to the academic and personal demands of college and provide tools needed to successfully navigate these demands.
  • Support students’ successful transition from high school to college through expansion of their knowledge and connection with university resources, staff, and students.
  • Create a community of students who see themselves as scholars and self-advocates.
  • Facilitate the emotional and cognitive development of students.

Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Programming

There are two components to Summer Bridge.  The asynchronous program is mandatory for all EOP First-Year Freshmen, in order to complete their admission into EOP. 

The synchronous program is offered to select EOP admits, and students are offered a spot to join by invitation. 

Type of Component
Open June 21-August 6
June 28-August 6
Accessing programming
Online module format available in Cougar Courses.
  • Container titled “EOP Summer Bridge 2021”
  • All students must complete all videos and activities labeled as “mandatory”.
Participants enroll in and complete the following courses and requirements at CSUSM:
  • ESM 104/4 and ESW 101A (Early Start Requirements)
  • GEL 101 (General Education Area E)
When to attend
No set days/times, online.  Complete at any time before August 6th.
Set days/times through Zoom (or other as designated by instructor), online.
Other details
Participants must participate in the following EOP events:
  • Counselor Connections
  • Co-Curricular Events