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Time Activity
8:30-9:00am Check-In/Continental Breakfast
9:00am Welcome Message: Dr. Joe-Joe McManus, Chief Diversity Officer 
9:15am Keynote Speaker: Dr. Theresa C. Suarez
10:15am-10:30am Break

Breakout Sessions

1) From the Towers to the Trenches: Women in Leadership across Research and Experience 

In this session, Dr. Raj Pillai and Dean Jennifer Fabbi will share their own experiences as women leaders and how these experiences intersect with research findings on women leaders and leadership styles. 

Facilitators: Dr. Jennifer Fabbi and Dr. Raj Pillai 

2) Mind Body Connection

Workshop attendees will experience intersectionality (race, class, sexuality, disability) through an awareness building somatic and dance improvisation practice. We will work without judgment with the bodies that we have. Please dress comfortably in clothing that is easy to move in for this hands on experience. No previous dance/movement experience is necessary. 

Facilitators: Anya Cloud and Karen Shaffman 

3).The Importance of Serving on a Search Committee—Improving the Campus one Hire at a Time

 This fun, interactive session will focus on developing deep, talented and diverse candidate pools, the importance of searching for candidates with a demonstrated commitment to diversity, and the impact of unconscious bias in the search process.  Through a mock interview and engaging discussion, facilitators will help attendees learn how to get candidates to say “yes” to our University and will cover the do’s and don’ts of serving on a search committee.  Questions are welcome!

 Facilitators: Associate Vice President of Faculty Affairs Michelle Hunt and Director of Human Resources Service Marianne Wall

11:45 LUNCH
12:30-1:00pm FSA Presidents speak about their associations

Breakout Sessions

4) Sharing (Inequitable) Burdens: Intersectional Emotional Labor in Institutional Spaces 

In this session, we will explore and expand on ideas about emotion labor, how emotion labor connects to our social identities and plays out in our daily professional lives. At its base, emotional labor is about the management of feelings to express organizationally desired emotions yet when we lay on intersectional identities and dominant norms and perspectives that may hold sway in institutions, the term becomes  more nuanced and complex. Designed to be interactive, we will develop a shared sense of how emotional laboring processes manifest in institutional spaces, the varying impact of such processes on ourselves and our colleagues, and strategize about how we can share the burden of this work more equitably.

Facilitator: Dr. Dreama Moon

5) How To Facilitate Difficult Conversations

In this session we will use a multicultural competency lens to identify strategies that will be helpful in difficult situations. We will use the pillars of civility (care, respect, empathy and self-reflection) to transform conflict and create open channels of dialogue in difficult situations. These tools can help us recognize behaviors that prevent us from moving a difficult conversation forward. This workshop will help participants create a more inclusive environment at CSUSM and enhance your leadership effectiveness.

Facilitator: Floyd Lai

6) Civic Responsibility: How to Teach Virtue 

For Aristotle, there are three ways of life available to human beings:

  1. The Life of Pleasure;
  2. The Life of Politics; and
  3. The Theoretical or Philosophical Life.

These ways of life are ranked in order of achievement making the theoretical or philosophical life the height of human accomplishment. For Aristotle, human things are inherently variable and morality (or virtue) is not natural, but learned and habituated over time. As civic leaders, community members, faculty, and staff we need to be reminded now more than ever of our responsibility to each other to restore the political health of our communities. This requires serious attention and consideration with regard to many intersections of life from the interpersonal (race, sex, class, and ability) to the institutional (departments of education, environment, and defense). This workshop will focus on leadership training designed to encourage basic, civic responsibility and decency using an Aristotelian model.  

Facilitator: Cecili Chadwick  

2-2:15 BREAK

Closing Workshop: Racism in Our Environment (All)

Facilitator: Dr. Sharon Elise 

The 2018 CSUSM Faculty Staff Associations Leadership Conference is  sponsored by the, Asian Pacific Islander Faculty Staff Association (APIFSA), Black Faculty & Staff Association (BFSA), Jewish Faculty Staff Association (JFSA), Latino Association of Faculty & Staff (LAFS), LGBTQA Faculty Staff Association, and Office of Inclusive Excellence.

Individuals with disabilities who would like to attend this event please contact the Office of Inclusive Excellence at or at (760)750-4039 regarding any special accommodation needs.

It is requested that individuals requiring auxiliary aids such as sign language interpreters and alternative format materials notify our office at least seven working days in advance. Every reasonable effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations in an effective and timely manner.