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Beyond the Sterotype, There is History

 Akilah GreenCarlos MoralesGoodblanket Kevin Adson

Nancy NguyenMichael MurphyYohitaRoland Nguyen

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The first Beyond the Stereotype campaign in 2015 features CSUSM students in eight posters that help facilitate conversations on cultural appropriation, stereotypes, and microaggressions. The campaign is designed to educate the public and campus community about cultural appropriation, often defined as the adoption of elements, such as traditional clothing, of one culture by members of a different culture, particularly when the source culture is a minority group that has been oppressed or exploited. Because cultural appropriation often enlists the use of stereotypes, part of the aim of the project is to also understand stereotypes and the harm they cause.

 We provide curriculum, resources, readings and other information on cultural appropriation, stereotypes, and microaggressions which can be found at the Beyond the Stereotype Resource page.

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