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About Us

The Mission of FACES is to enhance the professional success and workplace experience of all CSUSM faculty by connecting them with resources, information, and advocacy so that all faculty are able to thrive. 

The Vision of FACES is to build a supportive community for the faculty at CSUSM that treats one another with respect and care. 

The Goalof FACES is to offer care and support to faculty when life’s difficulties arise. 

FACES was created to provide a confidential space that offers supportive services, resource linkage, workshops, faculty to faculty coaching, and professional training and development. 

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Dr. Scott, joins FACES as the Director following serving as the Director for ACE Scholars Services. Dr. Scott has also been a full-time lecturer in the Department of Social Work at CSUSM, she continues in her faculty role in the Department of Social Work department as a part-time lecturer.

Dr. Scott also has over 15 years of experience in the field of clinical social work. Her years of practice has offered her the opportunity to have extensive work experience in program development, administration, grant writing, budget management,  fundraising, community relations, leadership, and direct clinical practice.

In clinical settings Dr. Scott specializes in treating a broad range of issues including: trauma, depression, anxiety, attachment issues, addiction, psychosocial stressors, grief and loss, and foster care and adoption related issues.