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Faculty - Advocacy, Care, Engagement and Support (FACES) began as an initiative to address the needs of faculty but in 2020 the initiative shifted into a university wide program aimed at institutionalizing a system of care. FACES will serve as a vehicle to acknowledge and work to find solutions to various faculty related issues and needs at CSUSM.

Areas that FACES programming aims to address include:
Faculty support through campus related and national crises, issues surrounding departmental and campus related racial tension, faculty to faculty (bullying) incivility, and the need for relevant professional trainings to address student needs.


Faculty Marshals at Commencement

FACES was created to provide a confidential space that offers supportive services, resource linkage, workshops, faculty to faculty coaching, and professional training and development.

Contact us to schedule a consultation with Betina Scott, FACES Director and clinical social worker, to learn more about how you can be supported through your time at CSUSM.

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