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Be Well Wednesdays

Wellness Checks: Virtual Drop-In which allows faculty to process and share ways to support one another.
4th  Wednesday of the month @12PM and 5:30 PM


“Let’s Talk About It” Engaging in Difficult Conversations
Resolving Conflict: Resolving Communication Missteps
Ask Series


Addressing Microaggressions
Cultural Connection: Engaging with Students from various cultures
Crossing the Intersection “Intersectionality in the Classroom”
Being Series


Interpersonal Skill Building: “Know thy Self”
Imposter Syndrome

Mental/Behavioral Trainings

Mental Health Awareness (Students)
Working with Students in Crisis
Secondary Trauma: Faculty in Crisis

Morale and Team Building Workshops

Instituting a Culture of Care
Shifting from Fear to Felt Safety

Faculty Training

Training in Library

Science instruction