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Faculty Center Communities

One of the main goals of the Faculty Center is to help nurture a culture of collaboration and collegiality among faculty and across the university community. We support faculty at all stages of their career and offer numerous groups and professional learning communities to provide a space for faculty to work together on projects, learn something new, or just chat informally. 

  • Faculty Learning Communities provide faculty with an opportunity to engage in a collaborative year long program on a variety of topics.
  • Faculty Center Connections is a mentoring program for faculty which connects junior faculty with more senior mentors
  • Professional Development Across the Career
    • Preparing Future Faculty:  Are you a graduate student thinking about a future in academe?
    • New Faculty Institutes:  Are you a new faculty member looking for additional support?
    • Resources for Mid-Career:  Are you tenured and thinking about what’s next?
    • Retirement Planning:  Are you thinking about retiring?