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Adding/Dropping Courses

Students may adjust their schedules by adding or dropping courses DURING THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF A SEMESTER. Adds and drops may be done in person in the Admissions and Records Office (Craven 5110) or by telephone using the SMART registration system.

ADDING COURSES: Students may add into a course without a faculty signature as long as the course is not enrolled to capacity (closed). Instructors may grant permission for a student to enroll in a course that is already full by signing the student's Schedule Adjustment (Add/Drop) Form. Faculty should give matriculated (degree-seeking) students priority over non-matriculated (Open University) students for enrolling in closed courses.

DROPPING COURSES: Courses may be dropped during the first two weeks of a semester without appearing on the student's permanent academic record. From the third through the seventh week of a semester students may withdraw from a course, in which case a grade of "W" will appear on the permanent academic record. "W" grades do not affect the grade point average. After the withdrawal deadline for a semester, students must petition the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

All important dates for a semester are listed in the Schedule of Classes. Academic policy information is in the CSUSM Catalog. Please call Admissions and Records at 750-4800 if you have questions.