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Classroom Requirements

If your course requirements include special room attributes (PCs, Macintosh computers, multi-media, periodic tables, etc.), these attributes should be noted (each time the course is offered!) when you submit your classes to the designee within your college. Room attributes include:

  • Lecture Room (desks)
  • Seminar Room (tables)
  • White Boards Map (country, if possible)
  • Multi-media
  • Periodic Tables
  • Macintosh
  • PCs
  • Science Laboratory (what kind?)

If the attributes you need are not specified in your original class submission, it is possible that the room you need may not be available at the time/day you request it.

Regular classes are scheduled through the Office of Curriculum Services (via your college designee.) Event scheduling (non-class meetings, one-time events, special sessions) are scheduled through the Office of Student Activities (x4970).