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Event Archive

Past Faculty Center Events

  • FLC Cultural Intelligence Retreat
  • New Lecturer Orientation
  • Lecturer Round Table
  • GEW 101 Workshop
  • New Lecturer Orientation
  • NCHEA Tri-Campus Teaching Workshop: Meaningful Metamorphosis: Transformative Educational Practices
  • High Impact Practices: Co-Curricular Explorations 
  • Lecturer WPAF training
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations and Supporting our Students!
  • The 17th Annual CSU Symposium on University Teaching (2014)
  • Innovations in Teaching: Preparing Future Faculty
  • Preparing Future Faculty Workshop Series
  • Teaching & Learning and Faculty Friday Workshop Series
  • Lecturer Eat and Greet (and Sweets)
  • High Impact Practices: Service Learning
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Faculty Center Connections Lunch
  • Research Colloquium Dinner Fall 2014 (More info about Research Colloquium Dinner)
  • WPAF Workshop
  • High Impact Practices: Creating Opportunities for Undergrads in Your Research
  • Community Engaged Scholarship
  • Threshold Concepts
  • Social Justice and Equity Project Grants
  • Common Core Workshop
  • GEW Call
  • Faculty Reception
  • New Lecturer Orientation
  • New Faculty Institute Tenure-Track Faculty 2014-2015
  • Summer Teaching Institute 2014 (More info Summer Teaching Institute)
  • 2nd Annual CSUSM Teaching Expo (More info about Teaching Expo)

Campus and Community Events