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Spring 2017 Colloquium               Spring 2018 Colloquium 

colloquium spring 2017Spring 2018 Colloquium

 Fall 2016 Colloquium             Super STEM Saturday

colloquiumsuper stem 17

 Spring 2016 Colloquium     NCHEA: Capitalizing on Connections                            

Fall 2015 Research ColloquiumNCHEA

Fall 2015 Colloquium                      Super Stem Saturday

fall 2015 colloquiumsuper sttem 16

Teaching & Learning                    Preparing Future Faculty

Teaching and LearningPreparing Future Faculty

  NFI 15/16                                             2015 Faculty Reception

new facultyFaculty Reception          

2015 Summer Teaching Institute           2015 Teaching Expo

classroom of people2015 Teaching Expo

Spring 2015 Research Colloqium   Fall 2014 Research Colloquium

Spring 2015 Research Colloquium Fall 2014 Research Colloquium Dinner

Faculty Connections Lunch               NFI 14/15  

Fall 2014 Faculty Connections LunchNew Faculty Institute 14/15