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FLC Trauma-Informed Teaching Application

Application Due September 9, 2020

As educators, we care deeply about the environment we create in the classroom, and have a responsibility to make sure that our course content and pedagogy facilitate maximum engagement. In the wake of movements like #MeToo and #Time'sUp, our collective awareness of the persistence and effects of sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault has risen, which is a good thing. Of late, more and more students are being forthcoming with their experiences of hostile sexism and many are dealing with being survivors of sexual assault. While we are fortunate to have a sexual assault advocate on our campus, the environment in our classrooms can be traumatizing for students who are survivors. This FLC will examine classroom dynamics from a trauma-informed perspective and will offer faculty the tools they need to create the safest classroom possible. We will have reading materials to increase our understanding of trauma-informed methods and will work on specific courses that faculty want to examine for triggering content.

The purpose of this FLC is to educate faculty on creating a trauma-informed classroom. Learning outcomes will include:

• Knowledge of what a trauma-informed pedagogy looks like.
• Awareness of the ways in which any course can benefit from a trauma-informed perspective.
• Concrete application of trauma-informed practices to a course(s) participants choose to examine.

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