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Propose a New FLC

Have you heard the buzz about Faculty Learning Communities? Have you thought about leading one? Because of increased interest in FLCs across campus, we want to provide a structured way for faculty/departments to propose ideas for FLCs. We are happy to continue to partner with other departments on campus!

2018/2019 Faculty Learning Communities Application 

Lecturer Faculty Fellow/Liaison

The Lecturer Faculty Fellow/Liaison will work with the Faculty Center Director and the Associate Vice President of Faculty Affairs to increase communications to lecturer faculty and to enhance professional development opportunities for lecturers.

Due April 9, 2018 

Lecturer Faculty Fellow Application 

Faculty Fellow for the Faculty Mentoring Program 

The Faculty Mentoring Program Faculty Fellow (FMP-FF) works with the Faculty Center Director to sustain and develop the Faculty Mentoring Program. In the Faculty Mentoring Program, tenure-track and lecturer faculty volunteers are matched with first generation and/or economically disadvantaged students who are juniors or seniors. Each mentor-protégé pair establishes a constructive relationship that encourages student progress, college retention, degree completion, exploration of graduate school and career options. The goal of the program is to foster student success by reducing social estrangement and creating a university culture of positive participation and support.

Due April 9, 2018 

FMP Faculty Fellow Application 

Faculty Fellow for Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

The Faculty Fellow will work with the Faculty Center Director to sustain and provide leadership in developing and implementing diversity and multicultural training workshops and opportunities for faculty.

Due April 9, 2018 

Faculty Fellow Application


Peer Review Online Course Grant for QOLT

Do you teach online? Have you heard of the Quality Online Teaching and Learning (QOLT) instrument? We are in need of 7 online courses for fall 2017 and 7 others for spring 2018 to be peer reviewed by Quality Assurance Faculty Associate.

Application Closed

Transforming STEM Teaching Faculty Learning Community (FLC)

“Are you connecting with your students in your STEM courses? Join a cross-institutional cohort of STEM faculty from CSUSM, Palomar and MiraCosta to enrich your courses, promote student engagement and improve learning gains.” 

Application Closed

Faculty Learning Community Hispanic Serving Institution (PASO)

The main goal is for participants to enhance one or more courses to include more Chicano/Latino related content and assignments. Participants will also learn about pedagogical strategies that are proven to be successful for students of color, the 1.5 generation, and first-generation college students.

Application Closed

Faculty Associates for Quality Online Teaching

If you have taught a class online at least one time at CSUSM, you can receive peer review feedback on your online course from a knowledgeable and trained team. This feedback is helpful for providing new resources and revisions that enhance a course beyond student evaluations

Application Closed

Designing Successful Outcomes FLC

 This FLC will investigate ways to improve how we can all facilitate learning in our teaching. We can come together as faculty and actively investigate ways to change the focus away from using only an accountability lens to talk about outcomes or assessment and instead begin to view our pedagogy under a learning-centered lens that makes the best use of outcomes and assessment information.

Application Closed

Online Learning

The purpose of this online faculty learning community will be to examine and discuss faculty, curriculum and student impact with the online learning experience. We will discuss the assumptions about online learning, challenges, why faculty may choose online learning or face to face, and opportunities online learning.

Application Closed

Career Readiness FLC

This FLC will help you to develop, refine, and share specific faculty practices (assignments, readings, course-based projects) that foster students' development of these competencies. Furthermore, it will help to focus attention on developing and/or refining pedagogical strategies, as well as to connect one or more of these to one or more of your course or program student learning outcomes.

Application Closed

Sustainability Transforming Academics and Research (STAR) FLC

The STAR (Sustainability Transforming Academics and Research) FLC offers avenues for sharing, connecting and building upon sustainability endeavors on campus, as well as growing new ones. 

Application Closed

Building and Strengthening Faculty Relationships FLC

This FLC will explore ways that faculty can increase and build solidarity with each other during what promises to be a very challenging period in higher education. The FLC was inspired by data collected in the Halualani Associates Report and the Great Colleges to Work Survey. In both these reports, a significant number of faculty at CSUSM expressed a strong desire to improve communication and create a more collegial campus climate.

Application Closed

Peer Review Mini Grant QOLT

Do you teach online? Have you heard of the Quality Online Teaching and Learning (QOLT) instrument? We are in need of 7 online courses for fall 2016 and 7 others for spring 2017 to be peer reviewed by Quality Assurance Faculty Associate.

Application Closed

Faculty Learning Community Writing

This FLC provides a structured time to discuss writing and get writing done! All participants will get an opportunity to have their writing workshopped to help facilitate revision and submission for peer-review.

Faculty who complete the Faculty Writing Community FLC will be awarded $250 for professional development or a stipend from the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.  This will be distributed at the completion of project activities. Missing two or more meetings will result in losing your place in the group as well as the professional development funds. 

Closed Application