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Faculty Center Professional Development Grant

2023/2024 Academic Year Cycle
The AY 2024/25 Professional Development Grant award cycle details will be announced in early Fall 2024.


Grant applications are due Monday, November 1, 2023.


Research and Creative Activity Faculty Community and Grant • Fall 2024

Leader: Dr. Cecilia “Lia” Uy-Tioco, Faculty Fellow for RSCA

Description and Outcomes

Research and creative activity start way before the writing process, many of us get stuck in various places, especially during the semester when teaching and service take up so much of our time. This community provides a space for faculty to develop their research, scholarly, or creative activity. Our aim is to keep each other accountable as we embark on our projects. Our community will be composed of faculty who are exploring new research, scholarly, or creative projects, trying to get their project started, or are stuck in the middle of a project. Some examples: getting updated with current literature and research; gathering data (e.g., archival work, document analysis, conducting interviews, etc.); transcribing and coding interviews; working on a book proposal; designing a research plan, etc.

The Research and Creative Activity Community is not about brainstorming a new project nor is it a guided writing group with a training curriculum. Rather, it is a space for faculty who already have a project in mind or stuck in the middle of one and would benefit from having a community to help keep them on track. Each participant will set their own goals and map out their plans for the semester. We will be sharing our projects and progress with each other, holding one another accountable. The hope is by the end of the semester, participants would have advanced in their research, scholarly, or creative project and be ready to move on to writing or other next steps of their projects.

Who should apply?

Faculty of all ranks from all colleges with faculty appointments in Fall 2024 are welcome to apply! Any faculty (tenure track and lecturers) who would like to make significant progress on their current research, scholarly, or creative activity project and participate and share their projects with a supportive community.

How will faculty be selected?

  • Clear demonstration of a current research or creative activity project in-progress.
  • Clear demonstration of funding need for current research or creative activity project in-progress
  • Interest in participating in the community and having a research or creative activity project in progress that aligns with the goals of this community.
  • Ability to attend all virtual sessions in real time.
  • Diverse representation of different ranks, disciplines, and colleges.
  • Priority given to faculty working towards tenure and promotion.
  • Space will be limited to 8 participants.

Time Commitment and Grant Opportunity

This community will meet virtually from 10:00-11:30am on the following Mondays in Fall 2024: September 16, September 30, October 14, October 28, November 25, December 9. Each faculty will also have a 1:1 meeting with community leader during the week of November 12-15.

Faculty participants will receive $500 grant of Professional Development Funds to use towards their project during the course of the community. Attendance required at all sessions.  Grant funds will be distributed to selected participants home departments in late October 2024 and must be spent in accordance with campus guidelines. The grant funds for this opportunity cannot be rolled over to next academic year and must be spent by the deadline in your college for our current fiscal year.



Please submit a statement (no more than 500 words) that describes your research, scholarly, and creative project and what you hope to achieve in this research community. Applications due September 1, 2024.

If you have any questions, please email: Lia Uy-Tioco at