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Course Redesign

The Course Redesign Grants provide an opportunity for faculty to innovate and redesign their courses in an aim to help students succeed in courses that have traditionally been problematic. The program supports faculty in developing ways to improve courses identified with high DFW rates. This page will contain links to pertinent information as well as information about CSUSM events surrounding this project.

CSUSM Events

Course Redesign: Lunch & Learn                               

Come join us for a lunch and learn about opportunities to support faculty course redesign.

This workshop will help:

  • Provide professional development and collaboration with colleagues in your field
  • Support innovating your course by illustrating models that have been used in the past
  • Allow you to start working on your application

Please RSVP


  • Course Redesign with Technology, CSU Chancellor's OfficeA previous CSU Initiative that offers resources to redesign courses using new and innovative technologies.

  • Quality Assurance: As CSU campuses offer additional blended and online courses, it is critical to define quality online teaching and learning, as well as support instructors toward greater online student success. See Quality Assurance page.

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