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Course Redesign

The Chancellor’s Office Redesign with Technology program is an opportunity for faculty to innovate and redesign their courses in an aim to help students succeed in courses that have traditionally been problematic. The program supports faculty with several different opportunities to develop their own solutions or adapt proven innovations in order to improve bottleneck courses that hinder student progress toward graduation. This page will contain links to pertinent information as well as information about CSUSM events surrounding this project.

CSUSM Events

Course Redesign with Technology: Lunch & Learn

Come join us for a lunch and learn about opportunities funded through the CSU Chancellor’s Office to support faculty course redesign. The program supports faculty in developing their own innovations, piloting proven innovations in your field, and exploring other programs like Virtual Labs & Quality Assurance.

This program will help:

  • Provide professional development and collaboration with colleagues in your field
  • Support innovating your course
  • Increase student retention and graduation by innovating in bottleneck courses

Course Redesign Powerpoint 

Workshops to be announced

Overview of strategies

Taken from the CSU Course Redesign With Technology Website

Strategies and Solutions to Address the Causes of Enrollment Bottlenecks

  • Proven Course Redesign: Offering a year-long program for faculty who are interested in engaging with successful course redesign models from other campuses that have proven greater student success. Discipline cohorts are funded to meet in-person twice a year and online bi-weekly. See Proven Course Redesign page.
  • Promising Practices for Course Redesign: For faculty interested in a campus-based pilot for redesigning bottleneck courses to increase access and to improve student engagement and success. SeePromising Practices page.
  • Virtual Labs: Offers faculty support to redesign bottleneck courses adopting virtual STEM labs making facilities less of a bottleneck and giving students more flexibility in learning science principles by performing multiple experiments online. See Virtual Labs page.
  • Quality Assurance: As CSU campuses offer additional blended and online courses, it is critical to define quality online teaching and learning, as well as support instructors toward greater online student success. See Quality Assurance page.
  • CourseMatch: CSU students now have access to online courses delivered by campuses other than their own.
  • eAdvising: All 23 campuses will streamline advising, registration, and academic planning for undergraduate students.

Useful Links

Course Redesign Grants

The CO has released the RFPs for the Promising and Proven Adopting Course Redesign Grants.  We expect that many of our faculty will be applying.

We have attached the Word documents that faculty can use to draft their proposals for Promising and Proven Adopting.

Proven Adopting RFP Questions 16/17

Promising RFP Questions 16/17

RFP Calender 16/17