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Teaching & Learning Group

Co-sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Studies, and the Faculty Center, the Teaching and Learning Group is a cross-divisional group of faculty, staff, administrators, and graduate students (who are teaching in the classroom) committed to enriching the teaching and learning experience at CSUSM.

In fall 2014, we kicked-off the group with the question, “What is it that you hope every CSUSM college student experiences as a learner on this campus?” From this discussion, we identified four key goals:

Inspires educational experiences that develop every student’s intrinsic desire to learn. 
Helps students develop skills to facilitate their own learning process so that they become agents of their own learning.
Fosters real-world application of knowledge to local and global societal and economic challenges. 
Recognizes the academic and personal struggles associated with learning and provides a network of resources to address those struggles as students work toward academic success


Learn more about the work of this group in this short presentation about the Teaching & Learning Group

Visual history of the Teaching and Learning Group

The T&L Group has resulted in many initiatives that support students and faculty at CSUSM, including:

  • Instituting workshops on "Rethining Your Syllabus"
  • Facilitating workshops to develop growth mindset in writing assignments
  • Offering "Book Club" events that explore current topics in pedagogy
  • Providing recommendations that improve outreach to students who are struggling academically

Resources from Previous Meetings: