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Educational Opportunity Program

CSUSM has many programs that are designed to help underserved student populations succeed at the university. Programs such as the Education Opportunity Program (EOP) has a dynamic set of programs aimed to assit students on their path toward their degree. One of the many programs they have is a partnership that incorporates elements of the non-profit organization, Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID). The overall goal of the AVID organization and initiatives are to provide academic and social support in order to provide students with the skills and motivation they need for academic sucess. Here are some links to progams at CSUSM incorporating AVID.

Getting Started

For information about the overall goals of the program visit the Education Opportunity Program website 

For more information visit the AVID for Arts webpage.

AVID provides scholarship opportunities for CSUSM students, check CSUSM Scholarship Opportunities for current listings

Affiliated CSUSM Members 

Andres Favela, Director, EOP & Undergraduate Advising Services 
(760) 750-4861 

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