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Student Learning Communities

"Learning communities are associated with enhanced academic performance, inLearning communities are associated with enhanced academic performance, integration of academic and social experiences, gains in multiple areas of skill,competence, and knowledge, and overall satisfaction with the college experience. Taken together, the results are impressive, especially the substantial effect sizes that favor students who had a learning community experience. These effects remain fairly strong into the senior year, suggesting that introducing students early in their college years to the kinds of educationally purposeful activities often associated with learning communities, such as interacting with faculty members and cooperating with peers on learning tasks, may encourage them to continue these activities throughout college." - Chun Mei-Zhao & George Kuh 2004

Student learning communities help foster a relationships between students as they take their courses and a sense of belonging that ties students to a learning experience beyond the typical individual learner experience. These learning communities tie to broader goals of student engagement and high-impact practices by facilitating relationships between students, faculty, and the campus community at larger. These relationships provide opportunities for students to have meaningful learning experiences that enhance the learning provided by the course.

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