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Teaching Innovations

"It is my experience and belief that nearly all faculty have deeper inner dreams of what they would like their teaching to be like - and those dreams are significantly different from ordinary everyday expereinces in the classroom... Not only do they have dreams but they also have wonderful dreams." - L. Dee Fink 2013 

Though faculty members have numerous passions for service and research, if you ask them many would say that their heart belongs in the classroom. This passion to teach is one of the many factors that inspire faculty to better their classes and the experiences of their students. Those that love teaching often find themselves striving to improve classes that are successful overall. This is done for many reasons. Some instructors seek to make changes to improve aspects of their class where they think they can better engage students or see better learning outcomes. Others like to challenge themselves and by doing so they keep themselves engaged which results with them being better teachers in the classroom. Finally, students are not a static group, as society changes, so do our students. The experiences, demographics and learning styles of student cohorts change over time. Instructors that are not mindful of this and choose to innovate to match these characteristics risk the effectiveness of engaging students and achieving meaningful learning experiences.

No matter the reasons, this section of the website looks to explore different teaching innovations, clink on a section on the left side to get started.