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Assessment Techniques/Tools

As faculty reflect on their teaching both in terms of formative and summative elements, there are a great number of resources that exist to help faculty along this journey. This page will share some of these resourses as well reflections from faculty about the process of evalauting their teaching.


The University of Texas has a helpful overview that details many of the techniques that exist as well as information about each one. 

Flinders University created an article about considering evaluation of teaching, that helps faculty think about how to get started reflecting on their courses.

The University of Michigan also has a thorugh resource about the guidelines for evaluating teaching.

Cornell University has a rich document on evaluating teaching. While some of the information is specific to their tenure process, there is a wealth of useful ideas. 

Thomas Angelo and K. Patricia Cross have written great resources regarding classroom assessment techniques (CAT). Here is a brief list of 50 CAT(s).

HETS has a resource page with links to several assessment tools.