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Spring 2022 Virtual Start Self-Guided Resources

Keep Teaching @ CSUSM

While this resource was created in March 2020 to pivot to virtual, you might find specific sections useful today. The sections labeled “Start Here,” “Communicating with Students,” “Distribute Course Materials and Readings,” and “Foster Communication and Cooperation Among Students” may provide relevant information for Spring 2022. 

Fostering Resilience in Students (video)

Fostering Resilience in Students will provide background on existing resilience research, as well as recommendations for faculty to help foster students’ resilience in the face of adversity.

Presented by Haylee Deluca Bishop, Assistant Professor, Psychology, and Jay Robertson-Howell, Student Health & Counseling Services, on July 1, 2020

Student Engagement Workshop (video)

Using the Community of Inquiry Framework (Garrison, 2009), this session will assist instructors implement student engagement via social presence (Whiteside, 2015) in their online courses via the following objectives through a cultural proficiency (Lindsey et al., 2019) lens:

  • 1. Solicit feedback from students
  • 2. Provide opportunities for student interaction and,
  • 3. Share instructor feedback with student

Presented by Brooke Soles, Assistant Professor, School of Education, July 3, 2020

"Please wear clothes in an online class" and other student expectations in an online environment (video)

The rapid shift to virtual in the spring left us with situations that we unexpected (to say the least). Planning for a fully virtual fall gives faculty the opportunity to set expectations at the beginning of the class, so students and faculty are all on the same page. This workshop will offer suggestions for those expectations, and advice on how to deal with unexpected situations.

Presented by Jennie Ruiz, Associate Dean of Students on July 1, 2020

Teaching & Tech Tips Videos 

Browse the list of different technologies and teaching strategies for ideas.

For faculty that prefer professional development in a group setting with colleagues, we will be offering a workshop titled: Start the Semester Strong! Last minute ideas on making the most of the virtual start on Wednesday, January 19, 3:00-4:30pm via Zoom. 

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