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After I File My FAFSA

Approximately two weeks after processing your application, the U.S. Department of Education or California Student Aid Commission will electronically transmit the information to CSUSM. The information below details the next steps in the process.

You will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) after your application has been processed. The SAR is a summary of the information you entered on your financial aid application (FAFSA or Dream Act Application). You should review this document for accuracy and follow any instructions provided. Be sure to print a copy for your records.

  • FAFSA Filers: Details for accessing, as well as when to expect, your SAR are located on the Federal Student Aid website.
  • Dream Act Filers: Details for accessing your SAR are located on CSAC’s website

Corrections to Your SAR

If you find an error in the information you submitted, or you need to update your estimated income information with actual figures, you may do so by accessing your application online. Keep in mind, if you are classified as a “Dependent” student (parent information is required), both you AND your parent(s) will need to electronically sign the correction.

Requests for Additional Documents (Verification)

The Department of Education requires that CSUSM adhere to federal guidelines for reviewing financial aid applications. Approximately 30% of student applications are selected by the Department of Education for verification. Universities also have the option of selecting students for verification.

Additional documents may be required before an official aid offer can be issued. This process is referred to as verification, and is done to ensure the accuracy of the information you submitted on your financial aid application. This can be a very easy process – as long as you provide / submit copies of the requested documents – as soon as they are requested.

Notifications of required documents are sent to students via email, beginning in early April to your CSUSM email address.

If selected for verification, you will be required to submit additional documentation. The Financial Aid Office will send you an email, as well as update your "To Do" list on your MyCSUSM account with the requirements.

Some examples of information we may need to verify include:

  • Income Information
  • Household information
  • Selective Service Compliance (for males)
  • Citizenship Status (for FAFSA Filers)

After you submit documents for review, your account may display conflicting information. If this occurs, the Financial Aid Office will reach out to you to resolve the conflicting information by requesting additional documentation.


  • Fall: June 15th
  • Spring: November 1st
  • Summer: April 1st

Award Offer

You will receive a financial aid award offer after your file has been completed and reviewed. The offer states the types and amounts of aid for which you qualify, and the semester for which the aid can be used.

CSUSM will also provide a “Preliminary” (estimated) award offer for newly admitted students (FAFSA Filers) who are required to submit additional documents. The preliminary offer can be used for planning purposes – as it provides information about the types of awards you may be eligible for once all documents have been received and your file reviewed.