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Faculty Mentoring Program

Faculty Mentoring Program

Faculty Mentoring 2020

The Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP) at California State University San Marcos serves students who are first generation and/or economically disadvantaged in their journey to receive their undergraduate degree.  We do this by cultivating sustainable relationships between faculty mentors and our FMP student proteges. Faculty mentors provide students with social and instrumental support, so that students find the resources they need, engage in new leadership opportunities, and plan for their future.

Welcome to the Faculty Mentoring Program!

We encourage you to visit our Faculty Page, Student Page, Calendar, or any of the resources we have to help you learn more about the FMP.  The links for these resources are located on the left side of the screen.

Research suggests that the most effective way to promote student success is by engaging students in meaningful relationships and creating a university culture of positive participation and support. Understanding and respecting people, cultures, and beliefs that are different than one's own is at the core of the Faculty Mentoring Program, and a Cultural Validation model guides our vision and mission. Thus, the FMP will work tirelessly to ensure that all CSUSM students, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, immigration/refugee status, ability, age or religious affiliation are made to feel welcome, supported and respected.

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