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How can you stay connected to FMP?

Dearest FMP Community,

Thank you ALL for all you are doing in every aspect of life to stay safe, help others, and survive during this challenging time!  The Faculty Mentoring Program is still striving to be a safe place for our students and faculty to bring your concerns, seek assistance, and find community. 

How can you stay connected to FMP?  

  1. Stay in communication with your mentor/protege!  Don't forget to check in with each other, support our collective efforts, and provide encouragement.  Of course email still works, but we can also use text message, voice calls, zoom, FaceTime, Skype and many other technologies to stay connected.  If you're unsure about how to use some of these options, please feel free to contact Dr. Kendra.
  2. Come to FMP Office Hours with Dr. Kendra!  Dr. Kendra, the Faculty Fellow for FMP is holding weekly Zoom office hours on Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30a.m. at the following Zoom Link: This will be an "open meeting" where folks can join in any time they want.  If you don't want to do video, that's okay too because Zoom also allows us to just chat. 
  3. Follow FMP on Social Media!  Our fabulous FMP Intern, Krystal, is working hard to maintain our social media sites, including highlighting our AMAZING and resourceful FMP Proteges.  Check us out on Instagram:  @csusmfmp Facebook: @csusmfmp; and LinkedIn: @Faculty Mentoring Program.

Please know that you remain in our thoughts, and that WE MISS YOU!  We'd love to have you "stop by" office hours or send us a message to check in.  Sending you thoughts of peace and wellness,

Kendra & Sonia