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Accounts Payable Updates

Effective 2/1/2022, any changes to policy, procedures, or processes to Direct Pay, Hospitality, or ProCard will be incorporated into the existing guidelines and manuals. Updates can be found in the table below.

You can search for updates by Name, Update or Date Revised, by clicking on the table heading.

Name Update Date Revised
ProCard Manual

Page 8, Prohibited Column, added International supplier purchase.

Hospitality Guidelines

All Tables in the Hospitality Guidelines have been numbered and included in the Table of Contents:

  • Table 1. General Expense Matrix (Page 5).
  • Table 2. Food and Beverage Per Person Limits (Page 9).
  • Table 3. Approvals (Page 13).
  • Table 4. Supporting Documentation (Page 14).
  • Table 5. Hospitality Matrix for Approvers (Page 15).
  • Table 6. Roles and Responsibilities (Page 16).

Section 2. Definitions:

  • New Definition: Catering Services (Page 2).
  • Updated Definition:  Employee Meetings and Recognition Events (Page 2).
  • Updated Definition:  Participation Incentives (Page 3).
  • Updated and Renamed Definition:  Professional Organization Meetings and Business Meetings (Page 4).

Table 1. General Expense Matrix:

  • Renamed Expenditures/Occasions:  Professional Conference, Meeting or Reception to Professional Meeting, Business Meeting, Conference or Reception (Page 6).
  • Updated Footnote 1 (Page 7).

Section 3: Unallowable Expenditures

  • Updated Unallowable Expenditures, Paragraph 1 (Page 8).

Table 2. Food and Beverage Per Person Limits:

  • Updated Footnote 1 (Page 9).
  • Removed Footnote 2 (Page 9).
  • Footnote 3 renumbered to Footnote 2 (Page 9).

Section 6. Awards and Prizes:

  • Updated Paragraphs 8 and 9 (Page 10).

Section 7. Participation Incentives:

  • Added last sentence to Paragraph 1: Food items are not considered participation incentives (Page 10).
  • Updated last bullet item at top of Page 11.

Section 8. Gift Cards:

  • Updated Paragraph 2 (Page 11).

Section 11. Approvals and Supporting Documentation:

  • Previous table updated and replaced with two new tables (Tables 3 and 4):
    • Table 3. Approvals (Page 13).
    • Table 4: Supporting Documentation (Page 14)
  • Additional Changes to Tables:
    • Table 5. Hospitality Matrix for Approvers.  New line added under 'Unit' for
      • CSUSM Corporation (81XXX and 86xxx projects) (Page 15).
      • Table 6. Roles and Responsibilities. Updated 3rd bullet under Requester Submitter Responsibility (Page 16).


  • FAQ 23 added (Page 21).
ProCard Agreement Form

Complete update of the ProCard Agreement Form.  The previous form will expire on 1/23/2024.

Hospitality Guidelines

Page 12: Approvals and Supporting Documentation:  Updated PAT member hospitality approvals guidelines; updated language in Hospitality Approvals matrix to read:  "Level II Approving Authority over $500."
Page 13: Updated PAT member hospitality approvals in matrix and footnote.
Page 18: Added CSUSM Regalia Website link.

Hospitality Guidelines Page 6, Footnote 2.  The following sentence was added to the end of the footnote. Monetary awards paid to employees or student assistants must be made through Payroll. 2022-06-15
Direct Pay Updates to Purchasing Categories and Account Codes Table:

  • 660820 (Other Hospitality) and 660962 (Promotional Items). Under the Category and Change columns, the following text was added to the end of the sentence, "and awards."
  • 660944 (Other Awards/Honors) and 660945 (Incentives).  Under the Category column, the following paragraph was added.  Monetary awards paid to employees or student assistants must be made through Payroll.
ProCard Manual Page 8, Section 9, Purchase Type Registration was removed from the matrix. 2023-06-09
Hospitality Guidelines Page 20, FAQ 19, updated
Page 21, FAQs 20 through 22, added.
ProCard Manual Page 6, Section 8, first paragraph under the Prohibited column, removed the word 'Fees.'

Page 7, Section 8, under Strongly Recommended, added the following bulleted items: Advertising*, Printing*, Supplies*.  Changed *Gift Cards to **Gift Cards and added the additional note, **Method of payment must be ProCard.

Page 9, Section 9, under the Restricted Type column for Hospitality & Catering, added additional text ...or have a pre-approval for the exception.

Page 9, Section 9, under the Exception/Pre-Approval Requirement column for Hospitality & Catering, added additional text ...or have a pre-approval for the exception.
ProCard Manual Page 5, Purchase Limits.  Updated the table to include a link for submitting the Temporary ProCard Limit Increase Form instead of emailing Corporation.

Page 7, Restricted and Prohibited Purchases, Recommendations - Other
Updated the 'Other' category to add more clarification for instructions.

Page 15, Appendix A:  FAQs, FAQ 1 (Question) removed email address.
Page 16, Appendix A:  FAQs, FAQ 13 (Answer) Provided email addresses for State, Foundation, and Corporation ProCards.
Hospitality Guidelines Page 18, Appendix A, FAQs,  FAQ 16 (Question), updated language changing sashes to stoles/sashes.
Page 19, Appendix A, FAQs,  FAQ 19 (Answer), added two additional paragraphs clarifying the purchase of Regalia.
ProCard Manual Page 2, Cardholder.  Added additional bullets:

  • If cards have not been used for six (6) months, card will be closed.
  • If packets have not been submitted on the 10th of the following month, cards will be subject to suspension.

Pages 6 and 7, Restricted and Prohibited Purchases, Recommendations. This section has been expanded and replaced with a table covering restricted and prohibited purchases in detail. The table also includes a new section, Recommendations, detailing items that must be paid for by ProCard, and Additional Documents that must be included in the Monthly Reconciliation Submission.

Page 13, Legal Reference and Authority. Paragraph has been replaced with new policy information.
Page 14, Helpful Resources. The list has been split into two sections:  ProCard Resources and Additional Resources.
Page 15, 16, Appendix A: FAQs is new.
Hospitality Guidelines Page 3, added definitions for Student Athletes; Spouses, Significant Others, Domestic Partners.
Page 5, Item 3) Allowable Expenditures and Funding Sources renamed to 3) General Expense Matrix to match the Hospitality Website.
Page 12, updated Hospitality Approvals and Supporting Documentation table.
Page 17, renamed Hospitality Matrix to General Expense Matrix and updated link.
Hospitality Guidelines General Expense Matrix updated to reflect new Expenditures/Occasions categories, new account codes, 'Changes' column added, and unnecessary categories removed. 2023-02-23
Direct Pay Updates to Purchasing Categories and Account Codes Table:

  • Advertising (increase from $2,500 to $10,000).
  • Added new category, Catering by Sodexo or an Approved Caterer.
  • Added new category, Follett Books/Supply Purchases (No Software).
  • Added new category, Gordian/JOC Fees (FDMA).
  • Hospitality.  $10,000 cap added. Defined to include promotional items, and participation incentives.
  • IITS Hardware Technology.  Changed limits.
  • Memberships or subscriptions.  Added subscriptions and details about no software or online services.
  • Added description to Non-Resident Alien.
  • Printing.  Increase from $2,500 to $10,000.
Hospitality Form All pages revised to meet end-user requests and streamline processing of form. 2023-01-18
After-the-Fact Form Page 1, Hospitality removed from After-the-Fact Form. 2023-01-17
After-the-Fact Form Instructions Page 1, Hospitality removed from After-the-Fact Instructions. 2023-01-17
Hospitality Guidelines Pages 16 and 17.  Added FAQs 13 through 19.   2022-11-03
ProCard Manual Page 6, updated link to direct user to correct Adobe Sign workflow (from Procurement to AP). 2022-09-21
Hospitality Guidelines   Page 12, removed Instructional and Information Technology Services from Hospitality Matrix for Approvals. 2022-08-15
Hospitality Guidelines   Pages 6, 8, and 15. The hospitality per person rate for breakfast has been increased to $35. 2022-08-03
Hospitality Guidelines   Page 5, annotation "6" added to meals and light refreshments. 2022-02-07