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Classroom Support


Need Lab Equipment in a classroom?

  • Labtechs are available to assist scanners, microphones, or any other piece of lab equipment. Feel Free to contact our student technology helpdesk to setup and appointment or request an available technician!
  • Need help and/or training using Instructional Station?
    • First time using an instructor station? Having an issue in classroom? No problem! labtechs are on hand to assist with demonstrating how use our smart stations. If you need assistance displaying a DVD, hooking up your mobile device, our projecting documents on one of our document cameras you can call our classroom emergency hotline at any time. All of our classrooms are equipped with a phone line complete with a hotline that will automatically transfer you to a tech familiar with classroom support.

Need help using PawPrint?

  • Our campus supports mobile printing and offers a number of options so you can conveniently print and make it class on time at the same time! We currently offer 3 different ways to print. If you would like to send a job via email, you can email for black and white jobs, and for color jobs. Just attach your print job and you will receive a confirmation that your job is waiting in the queue! You can also visit our pawprint portal at Log in with your campus credentials and enter your credentials and follow the steps for uploading and submitting a job. Finally you can also simply log into one of our lab computers here on campus and print as you normally would on any computer. Our print queues are PrintBW for black and white and PrintColor for color jobs. Our current rates are 12 cents for black and white and 25 cents for color. You can stop by our student technology for any assistance or guidance with adding funds to your account or reporting issues with print jobs. 
  • Having a general issue in a classroom?

    • Here at CSUSM we believe that instruction is paramount and should always be accommodated regardless of the circumstances. For this reason we believe in always doing whatever it takes to ensure the show goes on even when we have critical issues. Our solutions are designed to give students and faculty the flexibility to continue on with a class in the event of technical issues or hardware failure. Labtechs are prepared to listen and understand the challenges our students and faculty encounter are prepared to deploy spare systems in place or move a classroom to a working room to get instruction back on schedule. Any Campus patron having trouble in a classroom should never hesitate to dial our class tech hotline, or email to report any issues in the classroom.
  • Need to request additional software for your classroom?

NEW Fall 2016

  • Cloud Computing is Coming to Campus Computer Labs
    • Labs’  UNIV 272 is being converted into a “Thin Client” PC lab. A thin client is a terminal that has no hard drive or operating system stored on the local system. It uses the power of cloud computing to provide a virtual desktop via Cougar Apps. You can see the currently available cougar app options on the Available Applications webpage.

Email Us: Contact (

  • In the classroom – need assistance – call Emergency line dial x 8651
  •  Off campus –Faculty –Contact Fac/Staff Helpdesk 760-750-4790
  •  Off campus –Students–Contact Student Helpdesk 760-750-6505