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Adobe Creative Cloud - Mac Home User

Use the following instructions to install the Adobe Creative Cloud program (applet) on your Mac at home. This applet allows you to use your current campus ID and password to download Adobe CC programs and updates. If you already have the latest Adobe CC applet please proceed to the Loggin on and Installing Adobe CC programs section. For questions relating to Adobe Creative Cloud please visit our FAQ page.

Installing the Adobe CC  Applet

Download the Adobe CC installer from the link below, open zip file extract and run the setup.

Download Creative Cloud Installer

Download file

Extract file

Prompt and install

Program installed

Folder in 'Applications'

Logging on and Installing Adobe CC programs

Signing in

Enterprise ID

Single sign-on

Choose install

Choose apps

Choose continue

Existing programs

Installation time

Program installed successfully

You will now see your application in the ‘Installed’ section of the Creative Cloud window with an ‘Open’ button to the right. You can open the application a few different ways:

-          Click on the ‘Open’ button inside the Creative Cloud window

-          Under the ‘Applications’ folder