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Program Objectives

GB students should be able to do the following:

Content Knowledge

Demonstrate a good understanding of the subject matter taught in the GBM Core Courses by accomplishing the following:

Understand the macro global environment (political, socio-cultural issues, economic, technological, financial) and be able to explain how it affects international business and a firm's opportunities and constraints.

Measured by:

  • An oral exam in GBM 425 that tests the above concepts.
  • Pre- and post-multiple choice exams (one for each course) covering the material taught in GBM 425, MGMT 461, GBM 427 and MKTG 448.

Demonstrate the ability to apply your knowledge of global business and cross-cultural awareness

Measured by:

Behavioral Skills

Demonstrate a good understanding of personal competencies related to working effectively across cultures and to create a development plan to improve those competencies.

Measured by:

  • Taking a pre- and post-exam using a validated self-assessment instrument at the beginning of the GBM program and in the last semester or after the conclusion of GBM 495 to determine improvement.
  • Analyzing one's performance in GBM 495 using the pre-assessment results and applying the cultural frameworks learned in MGMT 461.
  • Creating an effective personal development plan to improve one's competencies on the pre-assessment in GBM 426.

Demonstrate the ability to analyze cultural differences in order to more effectively work with people of different cultures.

Measured by:

  • Passing an exam covering the cultural frameworks taught in MGMT 461.
  • Effectively analyzing the foreign culture in GBM 495 by using the cultural frameworks learned in MGMT 461.