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Diversity and Equity Requirement

Please refer to the Diversity and Equity GE policy and Senate Resolution regarding the development of the Diversity and Equity graduation requirement.

Multiple resources are available to faculty submitting a Diversity and Equity Requirement proposal:

Access the Diversity and Equity proposal form.  (Complete section "DEu" for U.S. or "DEg" for Global )

*A note on "substantiality":
The Diversity and Equity Requirement Proposal requires faculty substantially address core competencies and group representations.
For purposes of proposal review, "Substantiality" means:

1. Diversity and equity content is integrated throughout (at least) a majority of the weeks of the course​
2. Diversity and equity assignments and/or assessments are integrated throughout (at least) a majority of the course​

Examples of content: Lectures, guest speakers, readings, films, discussions, fieldtrips or fieldwork, etc.

Examples of assignments & assessments: projects, exams, research, reflective essays, class discussions or activities/labs, etc.