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Diversity and Equity Graduation Requirement Faculty Resources

Proposal Form

Access the Diversity and Equity proposal form. 
(Complete section "DEu" for U.S. or "DEg" for Global )

Policy and Committee

Resources for Submitting Proposals

Multiple resources are available to faculty submitting a Diversity and Equity Requirement proposal:

Examples of Approved D&E Proposals

List of Diversity Equity Approved courses and links to the completed proposals

*A note on "substantiality": The Diversity and Equity Requirement Proposal requires faculty substantially address core competencies and group representations.

For purposes of proposal review, "Substantiality" means:

  1. Diversity and equity content is integrated throughout (at least) a majority of the weeks of the course​
  2. Diversity and equity assignments and/or assessments are integrated throughout (at least) a majority of the course​
  • Examples of content: Lectures, guest speakers, readings, films, discussions, fieldtrips or fieldwork, etc.
  • Examples of assignments & assessments: projects, exams, research, reflective essays, class discussions or activities/labs, etc.