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Parenting Corner

The GEC is proud to be home to one of the three lactation spaces on campus for parents who are nursing. This is inclusive to students, staff, and faculty. Named the "Parenting Corner," we also offer additional resources such as free formula, diapers, and other supplies when available through our donors for student parents. We host family-friendly programming and offer student parent socials during weeks of welcome. 

Signature programs

Student Parent Social

During Weeks of Welcome, we offer space for student parents to find community with one another. We also feature an activity for the little ones generally finger painting, coloring pages, etc.

Cougars and Cubs Crawl

A family-friendly trick-or-treat event that occurs on campus through various offices and locations. This generally occurs a few days before Halloween. 

Starting from 2018, this event now is teal pumpkin friendly where we offer small tokens or toys and a variety of candy options in recognition of children with food allergies. 

Family Friendly Opportunities

Family Friendly Logo

Want to be more involved on campus, but wish you could bring your family with you? The family friendly paw indicates campus events that the whole family can enjoy.

Don’t see the family friendly logo, but want or need to bring your child to an event?  We can help you reach out to the event organizers!