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GEW 100 Course Content

There are no textbooks or formal writing assignments in this one-credit lab. Instead, the content of the course is determined by the writing you are doing in other classes. You’ll bring in-progress drafts to class and receive feedback and advice from your instructor, who is a writing expert. The instructor will also provide resources to support you as a writer and engage the class in activities that facilitate writing skills. You’ll also workshop your drafts with peers, which will give you the opportunity to discuss strategies for approaching diverse writing assignments across the curriculum. 

Students enrolled in GEW 101A or GEW 101B are encouraged to take this course; when possible, we group students from the same GEW 101A/101B class into sections of GEW 100, so that you’ll be able to workshop your writing with your GEW classmates. 

CSUSM has an all-campus writing requirement, which means that you’ll be writing in all of your courses! Non-GEW students tend to take this course as a support for the writing they do in other general education courses as well as in their major courses.