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Student Giving Testimony

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Alex Caratti '16 (left) in Tukwut Courtyard on the CSUSM campus.

Alex Caratti '16

Why do you serve on the Student Philanthropy Council?
I serve on the SPC because it's a way to directly give back to students at this campus who work so hard and who have always been so friendly with me.

What have you learned by being part of it?
I've been involved for two years now and since then, I've seen thousands of dollars come through SPC and make its way to students.

To other students who might be interested in being part of the committee, what would you say to them?
By being involved with SPC, I've learned just how much of an impact a community can have on itself. With the drive that SPC provides, the CSUSM Students do something amazing that would not have happened otherwise.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
To the person thinking about joining SPC, I say, "Do it. If only for the sake of being more connected to the campus, do it. Aside from that reason, this is one of the easiest and most direct ways to help Cougars achieve their ultimate goal: graduation."