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Damian McKinney

President & CEO, McKinney Capital
Principal & Managing Director, Avison Young

Damian McKinneyFor the last 40 years, Damian has grown his reputation as a trusted commercial real estate advisor for companies and investors to create value and diversify their portfolios. Having successfully owned and operated a real estate advisory business for 35+ years, Damian has managed multi-billion dollar rel estate transactions. Eventually, in 1985, McKinney’s business model expanded - many corporate clients requested Damian’s integrity and economic expertise for their personal real estate investing. His primary investment strategy has focused on value-add opportnities since the mid 1980s. McKinney Capital works closely with family offices as the Managing General Partner in purchasing properties in many sectors such as the office, industrial, hospitality, and multifamily residential markets.

Damian’s experience in advising investors and corporations in their real estate holdings provides him keen insights for what makes a property attractive to commercial real estate occupiers. As a result, he has been able to purchase sites with an eye for knowing how to add value to properties to make them more suitable for prospective tenants and buyers. Investors have requested Damian’s expertise to invest with them on their behalf for decades, with repeat performances of favorable returns. What sets Damian apart in the commercial real estate industry is his focus on the triple bottom line and his personal mission to live to serve others. Whether he is serving his clients, his family, or the community, Damian’s goal is to empower others to become better versions of who they are. Damian resides in San Diego, California with his wife of more than 40 years, Lori McKinney. They have four children and three grandchildren who are the “why” behind everything they do.