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Nathaniel Keifer, '09, '21

Director of Client Strategy
Optum Frontier Therapies

Nathaniel Keifer

Nathaniel graduated from CSUSM in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (management information systems), and in 2021 with a Masters of Business Administration. Shortly after graduating in 2009, he began to be regularly involved with different volunteer positions within the CSUSM community, including to help found the CoBA Alumni Chapter of the CSUSM Alumni Association - now the largest and fastest growing affinity group of the Association - as well serving as the Chapter's first Secretary of the Board.

Nathaniel has experience working in various sectors around the globe, including e-commerce, publishing and tourism, having worked for Her Majesty the Queen in the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace in the U.K.

Currently, he has a position within orphan, cell and gene therapies, and other advanced therapeutics, where his focus is on driving and executing client strategies that help bring these novel therapies to market, ultimately building and supporting healthy individuals and families through innovations at the cutting edge of science and medicine. At CSUSM, Nathaniel previously served several terms as President of the Alumni Association, has been a Director of the CSUSM Foundation board since 2017, and is the university's appointed representative to the CSU-wide Alumni Council, representing the #Classof4Million.

With a love of CSUSM rivaled by few and passion for working with people and organizations in the area to better our community as a whole, Nathaniel believes one of the most powerful ways we can help is by effectively telling the stories of the many people we serve that contribute to the quality of life in California and San Diego that is envied across the country. He brings with him a deep commitment to contributing to the work of CSUSM as it moves forward to build a vibrant and effective voice in San Diego county and the west coast and this is just one reason Nathaniel was honored with the North County Philanthropy Council (NCPC) Volunteer of the Year award in 2018.