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College of Education, Health & Human Services

CSUSM Students

Make a gift to the College of Education, Health & Human Services (CEHHS) and be one who not only supports our student’s success but you would also be responsible for supporting the community as well.  Our students are becoming educators or teachers or working in the health and human services as nurses, social workers, speech-language pathologists and more!

By donating to CEHHS your funding could support one of the initiatives below or you could write in the areas you’d like to support. 

Student Professional Development

Donate to a grant that helps students meet the costs to attend conferences or networking events that enhance student’s professional development.


School of Education Dream Lab

CSUSM’s School of Education prepares next generation educators through cutting-edge credential and graduate programs. Our faculty brings great experience and expertise to the classroom while our curriculum meets and exceeds all state standards. In order to provide and model 21st century learning and pedagogy our classroom environments must be reflective of design and maker spaces that promote creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. Give to help us create the SOE Dream Lab and provide a model for innovative and effective teaching and learning. Educators need to be better prepared to teach 21st century skills and thinking in innovative spaces to prepare K-12 students for college and career readiness.


School of Nursing Student Healthcare Project Free Clinic  

“I have always been interested in social justice issues since I was a teenager. Working at the clinics combines two goals: 1. Providing healthcare for those that would not otherwise receive it and 2) providing an environment that nursing students and nurse practitioner students can learn about working with underserved populations. It provides the students an opportunity to break down stereotypes and fear and humanize the people we work with.”

--Mary Baker, MSN, RN, CNS, FNP-BC, PHNA-BC
Director, Student Healthcare Projects; Lecturer

The Student Healthcare Project is a community health clinic that was founded in 2011 for undergraduate and graduate students, from the School of Nursing at Cal State San Marcos to provide FREE medical services to low-income, underinsured and uninsured residents living throughout San Diego County.

Licensed medical professionals and nursing faculty volunteer each week at the clinics to supervise students as they provide services to approximately 75 child and adult patients weekly. Medical services range anywhere from researching free prescriptions for their patients, to health screenings, giving vaccines, providing medical treatments, providing mental health services, providing hygiene care items, laboratory services, assisting with social services or case management, providing sexual and reproductive health information, providing chronic disease management or helping patients to apply for MediCal or other health benefits.

Currently, there are four student-run clinics but the Foundry Clinic located in Escondido is the largest. All the clinics are located in churches that donate space. The other clinics are located in Normal Heights or Ocean Beach.

Mary Baker, a Family Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Advanced Public Health, instructor for the School of Nursing and the Director of the Student Healthcare Projects, shares that each clinic has its own “vibe or culture”, meaning there are is a unique blend of patients at each location. Some locations have more Spanish speakers and others have more unsheltered individuals or refugees.

Under the direction of faculty and medical professions, the student nurses are learning first-hand what it takes to provide health care to underserved populations and that it involves a lot of research, practice, patience, and dedication. The beauty about the Student Healthcare Project is that it not only supports higher education in the medical field but it also is a gift to the community.

By donating to this student project you would not only support our student’s success but you’d also be supporting a free medical clinic in the San Diego County.


Speech-Language Pathology Clinic 

The Department of Speech Language Pathology offers free intensive speech-language therapy programs to our local community. Each year we have over 30 graduate students providing supervised speech-language therapy to over 150 clients across the lifespan across eight clinics. This aligns with our vision, which is to provide free community-based services. We have partnered with many community-based sites in the county such as Palomar Healthcare, Vista Unified School District, San Dieguito Union High School District, Escondido Union School District, TERI, and Center for Children and Families.

During the academic year we provide over 15,000 hours of free therapy services to individuals in the community. Our own CSUSM Speech-Language Clinic, which opened its doors in July 2014, provides free services to adult clients with neurological disorders, including aphasia, motor speech disorders, and cognitive-communication deficits who are in the chronic phase of recovery. The vision of the university clinic is to promote wellness, quality of life and independence. Clients have reported increased confidence in speaking with peers in social settings, decreased stress or anxiety that is typically felt when talking in public places, a sense of self-worth, increased independence, and being a contributing member of their community. Donations would be appreciated so that we can continue to offer these free clinics to the community. 


College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

We are excited to participate in CSUSM Giving Day, when the global Cal State San Marcos community will come together to show our hearts and support what we love about the University.

When you give with the heart of a Cougar and support CAMP on CSUSM Giving Day, your gift will go further. Together, we can shape the future of CSUSM.